Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PAINTBALL (12th July 2009)

Its been quite awhile since I've had played it.
I felt it weird to post it today..
Anyway here it is so...yea..check it out!

On 21st July 2009, my Dad n I went for a game of Paintball!It was our first experience in this.
The fee for an individual just costs rm80.
It is affortable!
-Head gear(helmet)
-A marker
-500 pallets per-person

The marker(gun) is actually pumped with Nitrogen gas so that the pallets(bullets) will have enough force to shoot it out!
Well, the venue of this activity is located behind Hotel Sri Malaysia.
The 'war' place is actually an old abandoned bungalow situated in the middle of a wide grassy land!
It was very fun!
Both of us spent approximately 6 hours there!
1415hr-Grouping and briefing form the coach, Mr Benz.
1445hr-The game begins!
My Dad and I were separated into different teams.
I met a new friend there.His name is John, John Chin.
Both of us were in the B-Team!
We both made a good team-mate!Both of us covered one an other in intensed situation.
You guys wouldn't imagine what was it like to be when we are in that game.
I captured the flag(box) twice while John Captured once for B-Team.
John recieved a couple of shots form the opponent team so am I but..
Its a weird thing when second time, something HARD hit me!
It looked like a STONE but not a pallet! When the impacted knocked on my right shoulder, it was so painful! I think it was a Lychee seed, beacuse we all had Lychee during a time-out!

So yeahh... My left shoulder was swalloned after that.It wasn't so bad!=)
Overall, that day, everyone enjoyed that awesome day although everyone was so worn out!
Every bit of sweat and energy that were given out paid off!*CHEERS!*
Well, I think we will have another game in this coming September 2009!
Its gonna be cool~!
by~ Alex.W

Monday, July 20, 2009


Greetings Earth-links!

Well!!Here it is!My favourite band!!
It is non other than Paramore!
Paramore is a pop punk/power pop band from Franklin, Tennessee.

The band consists of:

Hayley Williams-(lead vocalist)
Josh Farro-(lead guitarist/rhythms)
Jeremy Davis-(bassist)
Zac Farro-(drummer)

Paramore released their debut:

All We Know Is Falling-(2005)
The Summer Tic(EP)-(2006)
The Final Riot!(London)-(2007)
Brand New Eyes will be in stores in 29th September 2009!

Paramore was also featured in the movie blockbuster, Twilight,with their single, Decode!
I personally have their Riot! album this year so...yea..
The tracks are:

1-For A Pessimist, I'm pretty Optimistic
2-Thats What You Get
4-Misery Business
5-When It Rains
6-Let Then Flames Begin
9-We Are Broken
11-Born For This

Paramore's songs come in great in acoustic too!
My favourite song form them is Emergency form the first album, All We Know Is Falling.
Paramrore is now on tour.
They are making appearences for w/ No Doubt, The Sounds and also Summer Sonic 2009!

Paramore's history:

Riot! has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and the group was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008 for 'Best New Artist'!Also, Paramore's live CD/DVD The Final Riot! in London was impressive and not doubt, Paramore gone gold!

________BRAND NEW EYES________

From Josh:

Brand New Eyes is a case study in the band’s versatility and contains as many driving, first-pumping anthems like “Ignorance” as it does upbeat pop masterpieces like “Where The Lines Overlap” and lilting, acoustic ballads such as “Misguided Ghosts.” “We really tried to venture out and experiment with our sound to see how far we could push ourselves this time around,” Josh explains. “‘Misguided Ghosts’ is just finger-picking and that’s not really Paramore’s sound but for some reason it works,” he continues. “I don’t think it would have fit on RIOT! at all, but it’s definitely the perfect song for this album.”

From Hayley:

She is evident in tracks like the acoustic ballad “The Only Exception” and album closer “All I Wanted,” both of which give an unapologetic glimpse into the inner workings of what was happening in her head over the past two years, a reality that was initially scary for the 20-year-old to advertise to the rest of the world.

Paramore really rocked my life!
For more information about this great rock band,
Do visit these websites:

http://www.paramore.net/ (The Official Fan Club)

So long!=)


God bless and good luck to you guys.
Paramore rocked millon's of people worldwide!
May the Sucess and Fame will remain and keep flaming!

form Alex.W

Monday, July 13, 2009



On the 13th of July,
My English Language teacher,Mr. Maheswaran entered our class.He came in a decided to teach us an interesting topic yet an infulenced topic..
It is about Peer Pressure.

Most of us found it interesting because...well, most of them now are growing up living in a exciting teenage life...
But I found myself in resentment when my teacher discussed that particular topic..
He talked about some great times during his teenage life =)

Well, here, I would like to share it out some of it from Mr. Mahes and frm me!
Let's settle here,
There are wide differences between girls and guys from alot of aspects,

As you can see, the people who knows me...I am actually not a giving type of person... I believe in faith and trustworthy of others and I really really cherish the friendship bonds around my friends!=)

*Girls please take note=)

This is very true. Please believe! I hav been through this and i believed others too, cause Mr. Mahes have been through this! Guys are very faithful to have a girl beside. This is like in a realtionship. The love from a guy's heart towards a girl that loves him is different than the love for his family. On the other hand, girls are more open to the surroundings. They are more confident and determined towards sucess in realtionships. It is very true =)

The First Love is the most unforgetable moment in a person's life espcially for a guy. Sometimes for a guy, God give us a tough call to answer and to accept eventhough you refused to.
If you are a guy, you'll definately remember the fist love until the day that you die! It is a very painful experience when i got my first love untied =) It's unbarable until today..Just smile =)

Nowadays, people, majority of them don't sit and wait but some after broke up, guys will do anything for his ex-girlfrend=) -Guys buy roses and stuff just to get back into their relationship..but some, they prefer to sit back in a corner n fade themselves away. Normally,these kinds of guys who are fulled with misery..people around will never understand what are they going through=)

-When a heart breaks, it don't breakeven-
>The Script<
-Take time to realise-
>Colbi Calliat<

This post doesn't mean that everyone will hav the same thing and their relationship will be devastated.=) Good luck n keep on going!
Well thats all for now. I have been depressed with broken dreams and desire from my first love.
From all of these that I've posted, I personally been through from my own experiences =)
I just want to let you know that,

I still love you. =)

God bless n Hallelujah.