Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brand New Eyes

I basicly had no regrets after getting my Brand New Eyes International edition!
This edition consist of one golden soundtrack that you all might heard of,


Which is the Paramore's single for Twilight the movie!
Well, there are three separate album versions form that comes in with three different sets of bonus tracks form them!-

Deluxe edition
12."Ignorance" (Acoustic)3:40
13."Where the Lines Overlap" (Acoustic)3:12
iTunes deluxe edition
12."Ignorance" (Acoustic)3:40
13."Brick by Boring Brick" (Acoustic)4:22
14."Turn It Off" (Acoustic)3:47

International edition
12."Decode" (Williams, Farro, York)4:22

The album cosists of 11 songs-

1."Careful" 3:50
2."Ignorance" 3:38
3."Playing God" (Williams, Farro, Taylor York)3:02
4."Brick by Boring Brick" 4:13
5."Turn It Off" 4:19
6."The Only Exception" 4:27
7."Feeling Sorry" (Williams, Farro, York)3:05
8."Looking Up" 3:29
9."Where the Lines Overlap" 3:18
10."Misguided Ghosts" (Williams, Farro, York)3:01
11."All I Wanted" (Williams, York)3:48

-The Deluxe Edition of Brand New Eyes record.
This will be the third studio release record for Paramore.
It was a definately a great pleasure of achievement for them to debut out Brand New Eyes.
Brand New Eyes entered the Billboard 200 at number 2, selling 175,000 copies in its first week!

Their featured traks includes-
Brick My Boring Brick
The Only Exception
Band member, layout guitarist, Talyor York was officially announced by Paramore that he is now one of the official band members in Paramore on June 15, 2009 replacing former band member Hunter Lamb.

Desptie of the speculation arose that the band was going to breakup,
All of the worked together to resolved the issue.. It definately paid off!
This is a very unique album for them,
They wrote alot of emotional songs and presented it out with high pumped electric energy!

Paramore will be touring Brand New Eyes now in North America and the whole of Europe!

My reviews-
-Well,for me, this is absolutely a five star rated record for me.
-All the tracks came in very very good in acoustic unplugged version.(check it out on YouTube)
-My favourite track will be Brick My Boring Brick
-I enjoyed this record and I love it very much!=)

Alex WHP


On the starting of the second day of the month of October 2009,
..Something bitter and deeply unwanted happened..

The devastating collapse of a row of shop houses near a petrol station in Fair Park, Ipoh here had swallowed two lives of two innocent Malay men who were or even still, are best friends whom were waiting in a queue at the double lane for the traffic lights.

The incident occured approximately 10.20p.m.-10.30p.m.++
My family and I were lucky enough to call it a close shave that momment when later, we heard from the late night news knowing that,that night, a nightmare fall happened where we actually drove along he route!

I was after my Malay classes form Kampung Simee housing estate and they came to fetch me back home.
Flashing back to call it a narrow escape it was pretty sure is!

*May all of us will be blessed form this life-threatening disaster*
*All the souls may rest in peace*
..Our symphaties..

I hope that the Ipoh building concil departments will improve the quality of the buildings here
Thank you.

Form-Alex WHP